Deborah Ann Smith grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Gayndah, Queensland, Australia

Deborah Ann Smith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Deborah Ann Smith
Steven Smith
brother of Deborah Ann Smith
Yvonne Smith
mother of Deborah Ann Smith
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image: gndh0667
grave: 308515
James Patrick Hickey
image number gndh0667
image: gndh0668
grave: 308516
Eric Watson
image number gndh0668
image: gndh0669
grave: 308517
Harry Alfred Easton
image number gndh0669
image: gndh0670
grave: 308518
Frederick William Schafer
image number gndh0670
image: gndh0671
grave: 308519
Michael Joseph Bohl
image number gndh0671
image: gndh0672
grave: 308520
Dorothy Mary Slack
image number gndh0672
image: gndh0673
grave: 308521
Dale Leslie Spencer
image number gndh0673
image: gndh0674
grave: 308522
Stanley John Slack
image number gndh0674
image: gndh0675
grave: 308523
Harold Edward Driver
image number gndh0675
image: gndh0676
grave: 308524
Leonard John Putney
image number gndh0676
image: gndh0677
grave: 308525
Deborah Ann Smith
image number gndh0677
image: gndh0678
grave: 308526
John Frederick Howell
image number gndh0678
image: gndh0679
grave: 308527
Nigel John Ezzy
image number gndh0679
image: gndh0680
grave: 308528
Phillip Bradford
image number gndh0680
image: gndh0681
grave: 308529
David Andrew Harris
image number gndh0681
image: gndh0682
grave: 308530
Noel James Cutler
image number gndh0682
image: gndh0683
grave: 308531
Robert John Ryan
image number gndh0683
image: gndh0684
grave: 308532
Onslow Lester Schmierer
image number gndh0684
image: gndh0685
grave: 308533
Edward Rudolph Hansen
image number gndh0685
image: gndh0686
grave: 308534
Norman Northcote Mathiesen
image number gndh0686
image: gndh0687
grave: 308535
Raymond Walter Tierney
image number gndh0687

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