William Sanderson grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Gayndah, Queensland, Australia

William Sanderson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
William (Waxy) Sanderson
Lois Sanderson
daughter of William Sanderson
Desley Sanderson
daughter of William Sanderson
Lu Sanderson
relationship not given of William Sanderson
Colin Sanderson
son of William Sanderson
Ian Sanderson
son of William Sanderson
Ivy Harriet (Rose) Sanderson
2011861925wife of William Sanderson
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image: gndh0634
grave: 308483
Heather Jean Barbeler
image number gndh0634
image: gndh0635
grave: 308484
Raymond George Summers
image number gndh0635
image: gndh0636
grave: 308485
Timothy James Downing
image number gndh0636
image: gndh0637
grave: 308486
Neville John O'sullivan
image number gndh0637
image: gndh0638
grave: 308487
Ruby Frances Schafer
image number gndh0638
image: gndh0639
grave: 308488
Arthur Benjamin Carl Stark
image number gndh0639
image: gndh0640
grave: 308489
James Edward Hedges
image number gndh0640
image: gndh0641
grave: 308490
Charles Henry Bayntun
image number gndh0641
image: gndh0642
grave: 308491
James Roger Fuller
image number gndh0642
image: gndh0643
grave: 308492
Edward Charles Tye
image number gndh0643
image: gndh0644
grave: 308493
William Sanderson
image number gndh0644
image: gndh0645
grave: 308494
John Norman Mullins
image number gndh0645
image: gndh0646
grave: 308495
Phillip Oliver Doyle
image number gndh0646
image: gndh0647
grave: 308496
Pat Imhoff
image number gndh0647
image: gndh0648
grave: 308497
Grace Elizabeth Leaver
image number gndh0648
image: gndh0649
grave: 308498
Gladys Maud Kenny
image number gndh0649
image: gndh0650
grave: 308499
Bernice Close
image number gndh0650
image: gndh0651
grave: 308500
Teddy Hornet
image number gndh0651
image: gndh0652
grave: 308501
Alice Selina Davis
image number gndh0652
image: gndh0653
grave: 308502
Herbert Oscar Sutherland
image number gndh0653
image: gndh0654
grave: 308503
Desmond Clive Thomsen
image number gndh0654

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