Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Gayndah, Queensland, Australia

Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner
Rodney Buttner
son of Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner
Robert Buttner
son of Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 308345)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner was taken.

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Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner grave.

image: gndh0484
grave: 308335
Augusta Curtis
image number gndh0484
image: gndh0485
grave: 308336
Valma Beryl Dodds
image number gndh0485
image: gndh0486
grave: 308337
Irene Mellor
image number gndh0486
image: gndh0487
grave: 308338
Richard J Carr
image number gndh0487
image: gndh0488
grave: 308339
Mary Gertrude Kelly
image number gndh0488
image: gndh0489
grave: 308340
Hubert Murphy
image number gndh0489
image: gndh0490
grave: 308341
Beverley Graham Kreis
image number gndh0490
image: gndh0491
grave: 308342
Irvin William Evans
image number gndh0491
image: gndh0492
grave: 308343
Rupert Armfield Trask
image number gndh0492
image: gndh0493
grave: 308344
Philip Edward Morgan
image number gndh0493
image: gndh0494
grave: 308345
Eleanor Beatrice Matilda Buttner
image number gndh0494
image: gndh0495
grave: 308346
Dale Patrick Lutvey
image number gndh0495
image: gndh0496
grave: 308347
Ernest George Morris
image number gndh0496
image: gndh0497
grave: 308348
Anne Matilda Gunther
image number gndh0497
image: gndh0498
grave: 308349
Alfred Henry Skinner
image number gndh0498
image: gndh0499
grave: 308350
Charles Richard Yarrow
image number gndh0499
image: gndh0500
grave: 308351
Francis John Hill
image number gndh0500
image: gndh0501
grave: 308352
Henry Conrad Rein
image number gndh0501
image: gndh0502
grave: 308353
Melba Gladys Slack
image number gndh0502
image: gndh0503
grave: 308354
Mary Brigid Ahern
image number gndh0503
image: gndh0504
grave: 308355
William Henry Fuchs
image number gndh0504

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