Margaret E M Curski grave monument in Municipal cemetery, Tansey, Queensland, Australia

Margaret E M Curski grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Margaret E M Curski
J F Curski
1960731887father of Margaret E M Curski
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Margaret E M Curski grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 306782)

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image: tans002
grave: 306772
Christian Frederick Lehmann
image number tans002
image: tans003
grave: 306773
Mackenzie Eve Cooke
image number tans003
image: tans004
grave: 306774
Harriett Schneider
image number tans004
image: tans005
grave: 306775
Elizabeth Richter
image number tans005
image: tans006
grave: 306776
John Gustaff Lehmann
image number tans006
image: tans007
grave: 306777
August Richter
image number tans007
image: tans008
grave: 306778
Lorrae Graffunder
image number tans008
image: tans009
grave: 306779
Charles Mischke
image number tans009
image: tans010
grave: 306780
Maria Richter
image number tans010
image: tans011
grave: 306781
Alfred Groer
image number tans011
image: tans012
grave: 306782
Margaret E M Curski
image number tans012
image: tans013
grave: 306783
Auguste Barringhaus
image number tans013
image: tans014
grave: 306784
William Graffunder
image number tans014
image: tans015
grave: 306785
Johannes O Neumann
image number tans015
image: tans016
grave: 306786
Julius Wittenberg
image number tans016
image: tans017
grave: 306787
Hermann Pustolla
image number tans017
image: tans018
grave: 306788
Wilhelm Wendland
image number tans018
image: tans019
grave: 306789
Caroline Kiehne
image number tans019
image: tans020
grave: 306790
Hermann Finner
image number tans020
image: tans021
grave: 306791
Hans H Finner
image number tans021
image: tans0022
grave: 306792
Maria Keune
image number tans0022

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