Eliza Baker grave monument in Marlborough Road cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

Eliza Baker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Eliza Baker
John Baker
wife of Eliza Baker
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Eliza Baker grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 303366)

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Hopefully some of these thumbnails will help you locate the Eliza Baker grave.

image: 9716
grave: 303356
Frederick W Mitchell
image number 9716
image: 9717
grave: 303357
William L Osborne
image number 9717
image: 9718
grave: 303358
Cecilia Margaret Oaten
image number 9718
image: 9719
grave: 303359
Annie Finlay
image number 9719
image: 9721
grave: 303360
Mary Jane Crang
image number 9721
image: 9722
grave: 303361
Alice M Blackmore
image number 9722
image: 9723
grave: 303362
Alfred Tomlinson
image number 9723
image: 9724
grave: 303363
Lucy Ann Brooks
image number 9724
image: 9725
grave: 303364
Alice Mary Slocombe
image number 9725
image: 9726
grave: 303365
Thomas H Hoyle
image number 9726
image: 9727
grave: 303366
Eliza Baker
image number 9727
image: 9728
grave: 303367
David Lewis Kelly
image number 9728
image: 9729
grave: 303368
Henry Gregory
image number 9729
image: 9730
grave: 303369
George Dadds
image number 9730
image: 9731
grave: 303370
K R Mock
image number 9731
image: 9732
grave: 303371
Ellen Huxtable
image number 9732
image: 9733
grave: 303372
Francis Thomas Leonard
image number 9733
image: 9734
grave: 303373
Madeline Lovekin
image number 9734
image: 9736
grave: 303374
Ronnie Coombs
image number 9736
image: 9737
grave: 303375
Alice Hubber
image number 9737
image: 9738
grave: 303376
Sidney Ackland
image number 9738

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