John C Adams grave monument in Marlborough Road cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

John C Adams grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John C Adams
Ada S Adams
1956871869mother of John C Adams
Dorothy E Adams
1942411901sister of John C Adams
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John C Adams grave location

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image: 9542
grave: 303117
Frederick Chapple Snell
image number 9542
image: 9543
grave: 303118
Harry Norton
image number 9543
image: 9544
grave: 303119
Maria Richards
image number 9544
image: 9545
grave: 303120
William John Gant
image number 9545
image: 9546
grave: 303121
Frederick Collins
image number 9546
image: 9547
grave: 303122
Jane Wotton
image number 9547
image: 9548
grave: 303123
Jessie Barns
image number 9548
image: 9549
grave: 303124
Lewis Heard
image number 9549
image: 9550
grave: 303125
Samuel Staddon
image number 9550
image: 9551
grave: 303126
Bessie Gammon
image number 9551
image: 9552
grave: 303127
John C Adams
image number 9552
image: 9553
grave: 303128
Pat Pedrick
image number 9553
image: 9555
grave: 303129
Frederick Richards
image number 9555
image: 9556
grave: 303130
May Apter
image number 9556
image: 9557
grave: 303131
Ellen Braund
image number 9557
image: 9558
grave: 303132
George Henry Beer
image number 9558
image: 9559
grave: 303133
William Henry Robins
image number 9559
image: 9560
grave: 303134
Philip Pile
image number 9560
image: 9563
grave: 303135
Pauline E Taylor
image number 9563
image: 9565
grave: 303136
Florence Gemmell
image number 9565
image: 9568
grave: 303137
Wilfred Parke Tilley
image number 9568

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