Francis Boyen grave monument in Marlborough Road cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

Francis Boyen grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Francis Boyen
Elizabeth Ann Boyen
wife of Francis Boyen
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Francis Boyen grave location

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image: 8518
grave: 302183
Peter Birch
image number 8518
image: 8519
grave: 302184
David John McCluskey
image number 8519
image: 8520
grave: 302185
James John McCluskey
image number 8520
image: 8521
grave: 302186
Francis Pokorny
image number 8521
image: 8522
grave: 302187
Daphne Rosalie Simpson
image number 8522
image: 8525
grave: 302188
John W Parker
image number 8525
image: 8528
grave: 302189
Celia Ann Gibbs
image number 8528
image: 8529
grave: 302190
Ellen Heard
image number 8529
image: 8531
grave: 302191
Harry Middleton
image number 8531
image: 8532
grave: 302192
David Cawthorne
image number 8532
image: 8533
grave: 302193
Francis Boyen
image number 8533
image: 8534
grave: 302194
Frances M Edwards
image number 8534
image: 8535
grave: 302195
Mary Jane Knight
image number 8535
image: 8536
grave: 302196
John Upton
image number 8536
image: 8537
grave: 302197
John H Cook
image number 8537
image: 8538
grave: 302198
Florence G Chester
image number 8538
image: 8539
grave: 302199
Frederick John Darke
image number 8539
image: 8541
grave: 302200
Harold Brown
image number 8541
image: 8542
grave: 302201
Dorothy May Heard
image number 8542
image: 8543
grave: 302202
Lucy Stanbury
image number 8543
image: 8545
grave: 302203
Frederick Norman
image number 8545

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