Bruce F Boyen grave monument in Marlborough Road cemetery, Ilfracombe, Devon, England

Bruce F Boyen grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Bruce F Boyen
Kathleen Joan Boyen
1998661932wife of Bruce F Boyen
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image: 8294
grave: 301978
Julie Dawn Thomas
image number 8294
image: 8295
grave: 301979
David Philip Swann
image number 8295
image: 8296
grave: 301980
Margaret Elizabeth Spain
image number 8296
image: 8297
grave: 301981
Ellen Pratt
image number 8297
image: 8298
grave: 301982
Paul Claydon
image number 8298
image: 8299
grave: 301983
Amos Ernest Welham
image number 8299
image: 8300
grave: 301984
Susan Elizabeth Hackett
image number 8300
image: 8301
grave: 301985
John Frederick Urry
image number 8301
image: 8302
grave: 301986
Gladys May Bond
image number 8302
image: 8303
grave: 301987
James Armstrong
image number 8303
image: 8304
grave: 301988
Bruce F Boyen
image number 8304
image: 8305
grave: 301989
Jolan Stevens
image number 8305
image: 8306
grave: 301990
Patricia Rose Green
image number 8306
image: 8307
grave: 301991
Karen A Robins
image number 8307
image: 8308
grave: 301992
Sheila Young
image number 8308
image: 8309
grave: 301993
C H W Duffin
image number 8309
image: 8310
grave: 301994
John Norman Heard
image number 8310
image: 8311
grave: 301995
David Hill
image number 8311
image: 8313
grave: 301996
Edwin George Waterfield
image number 8313
image: 8314
grave: 301997
Percy Putt
image number 8314
image: 8315
grave: 301998
Sheila Goldswain
image number 8315

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