Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 288007Details of grave number 288007 at St Michael East Peckham for Thomas Finch

Thomas Finch grave monument in St Michael burial ground, East Peckham, Kent, England

Thomas Finch grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Finch
Mary Elizabeth Finch
1863101853daughter of Thomas Finch
Catherine Finch
1864151849daughter of Thomas Finch
Thomas Finch
184311842son of Thomas Finch
Albert Finch
186061854son of Thomas Finch
George Finch
1862171845son of Thomas Finch
Amelia Finch
1886681818wife of Thomas Finch

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image: 2279
grave: 287997
William Cook
image number 2279
image: 2279
grave: 287998
Edwin Adolphus Cook
image number 2279
image: 2283
grave: 287999
Harriet Elliott
image number 2283
image: 2284
grave: 288000
Elizabeth Henham
image number 2284
image: 2285
grave: 288001
Caroline Rich
image number 2285
image: 2290
grave: 288002
Mary Larkin
image number 2290
image: 2290c
grave: 288003
Thomas Henham
image number 2290c
image: 2290
grave: 288004
John Larkin
image number 2290
image: 2290
grave: 288005
Martha Larkin
image number 2290
image: 2293
grave: 288006
Mary Finch
image number 2293
image: 2294
grave: 288007
Thomas Finch
image number 2294
image: 2295
grave: 288008
Thomas Ledger
image number 2295
image: 2296
grave: 288009
William Martin
image number 2296
image: 2299
grave: 288010
William Larkin
image number 2299
image: 2300
grave: 288011
image number 2300
image: 2300
grave: 288012
image number 2300
image: 2301
grave: 288013
Ann Larkin
image number 2301
image: 2302
grave: 288014
Mary Ann Henham
image number 2302
image: 2303
grave: 288015
William Humphrey
image number 2303
image: 2304
grave: 288016
William Humphrey
image number 2304
image: 2305
grave: 288017
William Mills
image number 2305

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