Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 28738Details of grave number 28738 at Oxbridge A Stockton-on-Tees for Edwin John Finch

Edwin John Finch grave monument in Oxbridge A burial ground, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, England

Edwin John Finch grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Edwin John Finch
Alfred Leslie Finch
190151896son of Edwin John Finch
Sarah Jane Finch
1944831861wife of Edwin John Finch

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image: 1010692
grave: 28728
Susannah Jones
image number 1010692
image: 1010693
grave: 28729
David Brockett
image number 1010693
image: 1010694
grave: 28730
Ada Roberts
image number 1010694
image: 1010695
grave: 28731
William Edward Powell
image number 1010695
image: 1010696
grave: 28732
Emma Johnson
image number 1010696
image: 1010697
grave: 28733
Eva Pidd
image number 1010697
image: 1010699
grave: 28734
John Hind
image number 1010699
image: 1010700
grave: 28735
Alice Lilian Scarth
image number 1010700
image: 1010702
grave: 28736
Martha Rogers
image number 1010702
image: 1010703
grave: 28737
John Pidd
image number 1010703
image: 1010704
grave: 28738
Edwin John Finch
image number 1010704
image: 1010705
grave: 28739
Walter Dickson
image number 1010705
image: 1010713
grave: 28740
Thomas Williams
image number 1010713
image: 1010714
grave: 28741
Betsy Milne
image number 1010714
image: 1010715
grave: 28742
Thomas Hutchinson
image number 1010715
image: 1010716
grave: 28743
Thomas Hanson
image number 1010716
image: 1010718
grave: 28744
Christopher Bone
image number 1010718
image: 1010720
grave: 28745
Joseph Shields
image number 1010720
image: 1010721
grave: 28746
James McKinlay
image number 1010721
image: 1010722
grave: 28747
Edward Ecclesfield
image number 1010722
image: 1010723
grave: 28748
John Ecclesfield
image number 1010723

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