Winifred Tryphena Bedford grave monument in St Mary , Atherington, Devon, England

Winifred Tryphena Bedford grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Winifred Tryphena Bedford
1952701882first name on monument
John Bedford
1983991884husband of Winifred Tryphena Bedford
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image: 249
grave: 286556
Robert E J Coates
image number 249
image: 250
grave: 286557
Herbert Frank Wescott
image number 250
image: 251
grave: 286558
George Henry Kingdon
image number 251
image: 252
grave: 286559
Robert James Wescott
image number 252
image: 253
grave: 286560
Frank Wescott
image number 253
image: 254
grave: 286561
Ada E Stuckey
image number 254
image: 255
grave: 286562
Ruby Caroline Beer
image number 255
image: 256
grave: 286563
Patsy Ann Beer
image number 256
image: 257
grave: 286564
Walter John Guard
image number 257
image: 258
grave: 286565
Gladys Mary Down
image number 258
image: 259
grave: 286566
Winifred Tryphena Bedford
image number 259
image: 260
grave: 286567
Thomas White
image number 260
image: 261
grave: 286568
Leonard Alison Hall Hamilton
image number 261
image: 262
grave: 286569
Philip John Broome
image number 262
image: 263
grave: 286570
Peter James Anthony Gower
image number 263
image: 264
grave: 286571
Peter Joseph Harrington
image number 264
image: 265
grave: 286572
Olive Clara Squire
image number 265
image: 266
grave: 286573
John Malcolm Campbell
image number 266
image: 267
grave: 286574
Annie Emmeline Down
image number 267
image: 268
grave: 286575
Reginald Frank Folland
image number 268
image: 269
grave: 286576
Matilda Folland
image number 269

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