Norman Henry Bye grave monument in St John the Baptist , Foxham, Wiltshire, England

Norman Henry Bye grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Norman Henry Bye
1979561923first name on monument
Doreen Frances Bye
1986611925wife of Norman Henry Bye
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image: 59
grave: 283369
Henry Fortune
image number 59
image: 60
grave: 283370
Rosetta Sarah Gates
image number 60
image: 62
grave: 283371
Vivian Goldsworth Bawn
image number 62
image: 63
grave: 283372
Cecile Bryning
image number 63
image: 64
grave: 283373
Robert W Thomas
image number 64
image: 66
grave: 283374
Cecil Leslie Axford
image number 66
image: 67
grave: 283375
William George Brittain
image number 67
image: 68
grave: 283376
Vivian John Matthews
image number 68
image: 69
grave: 283377
Henry Draper Mason
image number 69
image: 70
grave: 283378
Stanley Frederick Minty
image number 70
image: 71
grave: 283379
Norman Henry Bye
image number 71
image: 72
grave: 283380
Henry Herbert Pegler
image number 72
image: 73
grave: 283381
William James Strange
image number 73
image: 74
grave: 283382
Thomas Percy Axford
image number 74
image: 75
grave: 283383
Hubert Frederick Allen
image number 75
image: 76
grave: 283384
Mildred Philip
image number 76
image: 77
grave: 283385
Matthew Portch
image number 77
image: 78
grave: 283386
Edgar Hubert Webb
image number 78
image: 79
grave: 283387
Eric Webb
image number 79
image: 80
grave: 283388
Raymond George Pearce
image number 80
image: 81
grave: 283389
Alec Richard Kinch
image number 81

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