Alfred Wilkin Plaskett grave monument in St Andrew , Irby on Humber, Lincolnshire, England

Alfred Wilkin Plaskett grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfred Wilkin Plaskett
1907231884first name on monument
John Plaskett
father of Alfred Wilkin Plaskett
Eliza Plaskett
mother of Alfred Wilkin Plaskett
Ann Plaskett
1943761867wife of Alfred Wilkin Plaskett
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image: 3043
grave: 280709
Henry Broddle
image number 3043
image: 3044
grave: 280710
Christopher Wilkinson
image number 3044
image: 3045
grave: 280711
Eliza Ellen Adlard
image number 3045
image: 3046
grave: 280712
Isabel Kirke
image number 3046
image: 3047
grave: 280713
Charles Hill
image number 3047
image: 3048
grave: 280714
Charles Bradley
image number 3048
image: 3049
grave: 280715
Annie Elizabeth Hill
image number 3049
image: 3050
grave: 280716
Charles Bradley
image number 3050
image: 3051
grave: 280717
John Frederick Ware
image number 3051
image: 3052
grave: 280718
John Plaskett
image number 3052
image: 3053
grave: 280719
Alfred Wilkin Plaskett
image number 3053
image: 3054
grave: 280720
William Wilkinson
image number 3054
image: 3055
grave: 280721
Edward Robinson
image number 3055
image: 3057
grave: 280722
William Rannard
image number 3057
image: 3058
grave: 280723
Sarah Pickard
image number 3058
image: 3059
grave: 280724
Florence Payne
image number 3059
image: 3060
grave: 280725
Lucy Atkinson
image number 3060
image: 3062
grave: 280726
Betsy Hewson
image number 3062
image: 3070
grave: 280727
William Brooks
image number 3070
image: 3071
grave: 280728
Jane Atkinson
image number 3071
image: 3072
grave: 280729
John Vickers
image number 3072

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