Samson Weil grave monument in Old , Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris, France

Samson Weil grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Samson Weil
1912661846first name on monument
(madame) Gross nee Hirsch
1926941832relationship not given of Samson Weil
Jules Joseph
1928741854relationship not given of Samson Weil
(madame) Picard
1925801845relationship not given of Samson WeilWife of B.Picard
Weill nee Kahn
1927721855relationship not given of Samson WeilWife of Benoit Weill
(madame) Wormus nee Francfort
1927811846relationship not given of Samson Weil
Alice Vormus nee Francfort
1878relationship not given of Samson Weil
Charles Marx
1917 relationship not given of Samson Weil
Mathilde Vormus
1916911825relationship not given of Samson Weil
Isaac Roueff
1916511865relationship not given of Samson Weil
Lucie Roueff nee Wormus
1914451869relationship not given of Samson WeilWife of Isaac Roueff
Adèle Heilpern nee Mosbacher
1913 relationship not given of Samson Weil
Léonce Horvilleur
1912541858relationship not given of Samson Weil
Esther Wolff nee Hoenel
1913791834relationship not given of Samson Weil
Berthe Weill
1926741852relationship not given of Samson Weil
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Samson Weil grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 275304)

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image: BBCoutier1
grave: 275294
Louis Coutier
image number BBCoutier1
image: BBBraucourt
grave: 275295
Louis Etienne Sance
image number BBBraucourt
image: BBTetu
grave: 275296
Jean-baptiste Tetu
image number BBTetu
image: BBMalzy1
grave: 275297
Joséphine Malzy
image number BBMalzy1
image: BBLatrie1
grave: 275298
François de Mas Latrie
image number BBLatrie1
image: BBBinet
grave: 275299
Jacques Binet
image number BBBinet
image: BBCapamija
grave: 275300
Alexandre Saunier
image number BBCapamija
image: BBBourdin1
grave: 275301
(monsieur) Bourdin
image number BBBourdin1
image: BBCunradi
grave: 275302
Frédéric Cunradi
image number BBCunradi
image: BBHoreb1
grave: 275303
Charles Samuel
image number BBHoreb1
image: BBHoreb2
grave: 275304
Samson Weil
image number BBHoreb2
image: BBHoreb3
grave: 275305
Julie Grunberg
image number BBHoreb3
image: BBHoreb4
grave: 275306
Albert Salomon Hirtz
image number BBHoreb4
image: BBHoreb5
grave: 275307
(madame) Gerson
image number BBHoreb5
image: BBChantrelle1
grave: 275308
Gustave Chantrelle
image number BBChantrelle1
image: BBSloeck
grave: 275309
Cerette Sloeck
image number BBSloeck
image: BBPardo
grave: 275310
Louis Mathilde Pardo
image number BBPardo
image: BBMoynet1
grave: 275311
Eugenie Moynet
image number BBMoynet1
image: BBCouturier
grave: 275312
Alphonse Couturier
image number BBCouturier
image: BBLoyeux
grave: 275313
(widow) Deloizon
image number BBLoyeux
image: BBAuger
grave: 275314
Antoinette Auger
image number BBAuger

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