Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 2746Details of grave number 2746 at St Bartholomew Corton for Benjamin Joseph Tungate

Benjamin Joseph Tungate grave monument in St Bartholomew burial ground, Corton, Suffolk, England

Benjamin Joseph Tungate grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Benjamin Joseph Tungate
Hilda M. Tungate
wife of Benjamin Joseph Tungate

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image: 1373
grave: 2736
Mary Rebecca Raven
image number 1373
image: 1374
grave: 2737
William Jonas Sewell
image number 1374
image: 1375
grave: 2738
Charles Sewell
image number 1375
image: 1376
grave: 2739
James Read
image number 1376
image: 1377
grave: 2740
Charles Soanes
image number 1377
image: 1379
grave: 2741
William Henry Luke
image number 1379
image: 1380
grave: 2742
Reginald Marjoram
image number 1380
image: 1381
grave: 2743
Alice M. M. Mills
image number 1381
image: 1382
grave: 2744
Alice Smith
image number 1382
image: 1383
grave: 2745
Ernest Benjamin Overy
image number 1383
image: 1384
grave: 2746
Benjamin Joseph Tungate
image number 1384
image: 1385
grave: 2747
Henry Jonathan Ewels
image number 1385
image: 1386
grave: 2748
Walter Owen Collier
image number 1386
image: 1387
grave: 2749
George Benjamin Chadd
image number 1387
image: 1389
grave: 2750
William Beales
image number 1389
image: 1390
grave: 2751
John Freeman
image number 1390
image: 1391
grave: 2752
William Edward Buck
image number 1391

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