Hélène Bagneux grave monument in Batignolles cemetery, Paris, Paris, France

Hélène Bagneux grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Hélène Bagneux nee Vasseur
Paul Bagneux
1888801808relationship not given of Hélène Bagneux
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Hélène Bagneux grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 273182)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Hélène Bagneux was taken.

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image: PBNegel
grave: 273172
Frantz Negel
image number PBNegel
image: PBBastidon
grave: 273173
Georgette Bastidon
image number PBBastidon
image: PNSejournet
grave: 273174
Georges Sejournet
image number PNSejournet
image: PBSylBoyer
grave: 273175
Sylvain Boyer
image number PBSylBoyer
image: PBAguttes1
grave: 273176
J B Aguttes
image number PBAguttes1
image: PBFleury
grave: 273177
Yvonne Thorel
image number PBFleury
image: PBGirault
grave: 273178
Etienne Girault
image number PBGirault
image: PBNeveu
grave: 273179
Claudine Neveu
image number PBNeveu
image: PBEtGarnier
grave: 273180
Etienne Garnier
image number PBEtGarnier
image: PBHoudiard
grave: 273181
Marie Houdiard
image number PBHoudiard
image: PBBagneux
grave: 273182
Hélène Bagneux
image number PBBagneux
image: PBDaniaud
grave: 273183
Jean Daniaud
image number PBDaniaud
image: PBMagnac
grave: 273184
Paul Magnac
image number PBMagnac
image: PBBonnal
grave: 273185
René Bonnal
image number PBBonnal
image: PBAliberti
grave: 273186
Françoise Aliberti
image number PBAliberti
image: PBPaulPerier
grave: 273187
Casimir Paul Arthur Perier
image number PBPaulPerier
image: PBGeoHarris
grave: 273188
Georges Harris
image number PBGeoHarris
image: PBScholkopf
grave: 273189
Georges Scholkopf
image number PBScholkopf
image: PBArnold
grave: 273190
Gaspard Hirn
image number PBArnold
image: PBDesTirLang
grave: 273191
Etienne Jules Deschamps
image number PBDesTirLang
image: PBBilligion
grave: 273192
Jean Michel Edouard Bigillion
image number PBBilligion

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