Brunette Marx grave monument in Montparnasse Pt3 cemetery, Paris, Paris, France

Brunette Marx grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Brunette Marx nee Lévy
Marcel Marx
1915551860relationship not given of Brunette Marx
Silvain Marx
1919691850relationship not given of Brunette Marx
Gaston Brunswic
1920 relationship not given of Brunette Marx
Alice Marx nee Lièvre
1941821859relationship not given of Brunette Marx
Roger Marx
1955711884relationship not given of Brunette Marx
Ernestine Brunswic
1966851881relationship not given of Brunette Marx
Yvonne Zadoc-Kahn nee Brunswic
1972691903relationship not given of Brunette Marx
Michel Zadoc-Kahn
1991871904relationship not given of Brunette Marx
Andrée Brunswic
1991831908relationship not given of Brunette Marx
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Brunette Marx grave location

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image: PMPEttinghausen
grave: 273015
Maurice Ettinghausen
image number PMPEttinghausen
image: PMPBlumLévy1
grave: 273016
Fernand Blum-Majeux
image number PMPBlumLévy1
image: PMPAndréBlum
grave: 273017
André Félix Blum
image number PMPAndréBlum
image: PMPJoDreyfuss
grave: 273018
Joseph Dreyfuss
image number PMPJoDreyfuss
image: PMPDavidLoeb
grave: 273019
David Loeb
image number PMPDavidLoeb
image: PMPLévyWill
grave: 273020
Cerf Lévy-Willard
image number PMPLévyWill
image: PMPMeyerBehr
grave: 273021
Madeleine Behr
image number PMPMeyerBehr
image: PMPHaguenauer1
grave: 273022
Georges Haguenauer
image number PMPHaguenauer1
image: PMPBarnett1
grave: 273023
Anna Barnett
image number PMPBarnett1
image: PMPLévyLaz
grave: 273024
Lucien Lévy
image number PMPLévyLaz
image: PMPMarxBrun
grave: 273025
Brunette Marx
image number PMPMarxBrun
image: PMPCohn
grave: 273026
Alfred Metzger
image number PMPCohn
image: PMPHeuCohen
grave: 273027
Pauline Cohen
image number PMPHeuCohen
image: PMPSolinski
grave: 273028
(widow) Solinski
image number PMPSolinski
image: PMPFribourg
grave: 273029
Zélie Veil
image number PMPFribourg
image: PMPOppenheim
grave: 273030
Jeanne Sternberg
image number PMPOppenheim
image: PMPHersant1
grave: 273031
Josephine Hersant
image number PMPHersant1
image: PMPLévySéra1
grave: 273032
Pauline Lévy
image number PMPLévySéra1
image: PMPDreyfLob
grave: 273033
Caroline Dreyfus
image number PMPDreyfLob
image: PMPEmmaJacob
grave: 273034
Emma Jacob
image number PMPEmmaJacob
image: PMPSteinberg1
grave: 273035
Samuel Steinberg
image number PMPSteinberg1

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