Arsène Brousse grave monument in Montparnasse Pt3 cemetery, Paris, Paris, France

Arsène Brousse grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Arsène Brousse
Augustin Sergeant
1924801844relationship not given of Arsène Brousse
Louise Sergeant nee Brousse
1938841854relationship not given of Arsène Brousse
(widow) Brousse nee Regnard
1905751830wife of Arsène Brousse
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image: PMPLapirot
grave: 272843
Pierre Lapirot
image number PMPLapirot
image: PMPRougeul1
grave: 272844
Lucien Rougeul
image number PMPRougeul1
image: PMPTrichet1
grave: 272845
Charles Antoine Trichet
image number PMPTrichet1
image: PMPChaffanel
grave: 272846
Jean Chaffanel
image number PMPChaffanel
image: PMPPelhate1
grave: 272847
Augustin Pelhate
image number PMPPelhate1
image: PMPDebureau1
grave: 272848
Jules Debureau
image number PMPDebureau1
image: PMPTalrich1
grave: 272849
Jules Victor Jacques Talrich
image number PMPTalrich1
image: PMPJulBreton1
grave: 272850
Jules Adolphe Aimé Louis Breton
image number PMPJulBreton1
image: PMPGreif1
grave: 272851
Olivier Greif
image number PMPGreif1
image: PMPChedeville
grave: 272852
Gabrielle Chedeville
image number PMPChedeville
image: PMPBrousse
grave: 272853
Arsène Brousse
image number PMPBrousse
image: PMPMolard
grave: 272854
(widow) Molard
image number PMPMolard
image: PMPCareme1
grave: 272855
Francis Louis Careme
image number PMPCareme1
image: PMPLachelier
grave: 272856
François Lachelier
image number PMPLachelier
image: PMPGervais
grave: 272857
Paul Gervais
image number PMPGervais
image: PMPDarcq
grave: 272858
Edouard Darcq
image number PMPDarcq
image: PMPMarieMartin
grave: 272859
Marie Toussaint Guy Martin
image number PMPMarieMartin
image: PMPCotinet
grave: 272860
Etienne Cotinet
image number PMPCotinet
image: PMPColineau
grave: 272861
Mary Louise Colineau
image number PMPColineau
image: PMPThomarel
grave: 272862
Jean-jacques Thomerel
image number PMPThomarel
image: PMPFafe1
grave: 272863
Georges Fafe
image number PMPFafe1

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