Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 2710Details of grave number 2710 at St Bartholomew Corton for Robert Smith

Robert Smith grave monument in St Bartholomew burial ground, Corton, Suffolk, England

Robert Smith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Smith
Henry Smith
185691847brother of Robert Smith
Robert Smith
185251847brother of Robert Smith
Charles Smith
father of Robert Smith
Mary Ann Smith
mother of Robert Smith

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image: 1333
grave: 2700
Elizabeth Ann Mitchell
image number 1333
image: 1334
grave: 2701
Fanny Pye
image number 1334
image: 1335
grave: 2702
Emma Pye
image number 1335
image: 1336
grave: 2703
John Smith
image number 1336
image: 1337
grave: 2704
George Baker
image number 1337
image: 1338
grave: 2705
Isaac Yallop
image number 1338
image: 1339
grave: 2706
George Pratt
image number 1339
image: 1340
grave: 2707
Lucy Rattler
image number 1340
image: 1341
grave: 2708
Mary Ann Sewell
image number 1341
image: 1342
grave: 2709
Robert Marciston
image number 1342
image: 1343
grave: 2710
Robert Smith
image number 1343
image: 1344
grave: 2711
Mary Horner
image number 1344
image: 1345
grave: 2712
Jonathan Pearson
image number 1345
image: 1346
grave: 2713
James Bowler
image number 1346
image: 1347
grave: 2714
Mary Ann Wode
image number 1347
image: 1348
grave: 2715
Emily Smith
image number 1348
image: 1349
grave: 2716
James Freeman
image number 1349
image: 1350
grave: 2717
Charlotte Bowler
image number 1350
image: 1351
grave: 2718
George Sharman
image number 1351
image: 1353
grave: 2719
Eliza Took
image number 1353
image: 1354
grave: 2720
Sarah Ward
image number 1354

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