Thomas Henry Salt grave monument in St John , Worcester, Worcestershire, England

Thomas Henry Salt grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Henry Salt
25 December 1907821825first name on monument
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image: PICT0376
grave: 266177
Felicia Agnes Townley Cock
image number PICT0376
image: PICT0377
grave: 266178
Sidney Percival Collier
image number PICT0377
image: PICT0378
grave: 266179
James Henry Halford
image number PICT0378
image: PICT0379
grave: 266180
William Masefield Collier
image number PICT0379
image: PICT0380
grave: 266181
William Corser
image number PICT0380
image: PICT0385
grave: 266182
George Peart
image number PICT0385
image: PICT0386
grave: 266183
Thomas Meredith
image number PICT0386
image: PICT0387
grave: 266184
Francis Badham Derry
image number PICT0387
image: PICT0388
grave: 266185
Mary Catherine Carr
image number PICT0388
image: PICT0389
grave: 266186
Walter Raleigh Carr
image number PICT0389
image: PICT0390
grave: 266187
Thomas Henry Salt
image number PICT0390
image: PICT0391
grave: 266188
Alfred Mann
image number PICT0391
image: PICT0392
grave: 266189
Fanny Harriet Caryl Mann
image number PICT0392
image: PICT0394
grave: 266190
Mary Walford
image number PICT0394
image: PICT0395
grave: 266191
Helen Elizabeth Harrison
image number PICT0395
image: PICT0396
grave: 266192
Herbert Marsh Ashcroft
image number PICT0396
image: PICT0397
grave: 266193
Emily Sarah Ashcroft
image number PICT0397
image: PICT0398
grave: 266194
William Charles Box
image number PICT0398
image: PICT0400
grave: 266195
Elizabeth Ann Smith
image number PICT0400
image: PICT0401
grave: 266196
Frank Thomas Powick
image number PICT0401
image: PICT0402
grave: 266197
Elizabeth Jane Otridge
image number PICT0402

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