Reginald Thomas Badcock grave monument in St Helen (pt 2) , Abbotsham, Devon, England

Reginald Thomas Badcock grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Reginald Thomas Badcock
1972691903first name on monument
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image: 435
grave: 264970
Alexander Douglas Mc Kirdy
image number 435
image: 437
grave: 264971
Marguerite Alice Newbury
image number 437
image: 439
grave: 264972
Frank Ernest West
image number 439
image: 440
grave: 264973
Ivy Elizbeth Nicholls
image number 440
image: 441
grave: 264974
Lilian Emelein Hockin
image number 441
image: 442
grave: 264975
Frederick Charles Davies
image number 442
image: 443
grave: 264976
Ella Margret Dare
image number 443
image: 444
grave: 264977
John Chugg Down
image number 444
image: 445
grave: 264978
Edwin Francis Poore
image number 445
image: 446
grave: 264979
Phyllis Emily Faulkner
image number 446
image: 447
grave: 264980
Reginald Thomas Badcock
image number 447
image: 448
grave: 264981
Norah Faulkner
image number 448
image: 450
grave: 264982
Elizabeth Ann White
image number 450
image: 451
grave: 264983
Frances Blight
image number 451
image: 452
grave: 264984
Frederick Faulkner
image number 452
image: 453
grave: 264985
John Thomas Hockin
image number 453
image: 454
grave: 264986
Susan Beadle
image number 454
image: 455
grave: 264987
Sidney William Cann
image number 455
image: 456
grave: 264988
John Frederick Lewis Friendship
image number 456
image: 457
grave: 264989
Ellen Elizabeth Knapp
image number 457
image: 459
grave: 264990
Horace Homer Egford
image number 459

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