Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 2607Details of grave number 2607 at St Bartholomew Corton for Rose Mary Smith

Rose Mary Smith grave monument in St Bartholomew burial ground, Corton, Suffolk, England

Rose Mary Smith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Rose Mary Smith
Henry Smith
father of Rose Mary Smith
Elizabeth Smith
mother of Rose Mary Smith

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image: 1213
grave: 2600
Emma Reed
image number 1213
image: 1214
grave: 2601
Thomas John Jeffs
image number 1214
image: 1215
grave: 2602
Deaf May
image number 1215
image: 1216
grave: 2603
Charlotte Mills
image number 1216
image: 1217
grave: 2604
William Robert Fisk
image number 1217
image: 1218
grave: 2605
William Edward Monger
image number 1218
image: 1219
grave: 2606
Muriel Maud Weeks
image number 1219
image: 1220
grave: 2607
Rose Mary Smith
image number 1220
image: 1221
grave: 2608
Henry Smith
image number 1221
image: 1222
grave: 2609
Henry Wingfild
image number 1222
image: 1223
grave: 2610
Anne Aldrich
image number 1223
image: 1224
grave: 2611
Thomas Mastern Seales
image number 1224
image: 1225
grave: 2612
Mary Ann High
image number 1225
image: 1226
grave: 2613
Elizabeth Pitt
image number 1226
image: 1227
grave: 2614
Mary Ann Smith
image number 1227
image: 1228
grave: 2615
David Aldrich
image number 1228
image: 1229
grave: 2616
Mary Harris
image number 1229
image: 1230
grave: 2617
Mary Woodcock
image number 1230

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