Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 260654Details of grave number 260654 at Baptist Church Wetherden for Helen Ruth Rushbrook

Helen Ruth Rushbrook grave monument in Baptist Church burial ground, Wetherden, Suffolk, England

Helen Ruth Rushbrook grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Helen Ruth Rushbrook
Robert E Rushbrook
husband of Helen Ruth Rushbrook
Robert Edward Rushbrook
1976 relationship not given of Helen Ruth Rushbrook

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image: 3
grave: 260649
H Sidney Hawes
image number 3
image: 4
grave: 260650
Cecil Armstrong
image number 4
image: 5
grave: 260651
Gertrude Clover
image number 5
image: 6
grave: 260652
William C S Page
image number 6
image: 7
grave: 260653
Thomas Steggles
image number 7
image: 8
grave: 260654
Helen Ruth Rushbrook
image number 8
image: 9
grave: 260655
Alfred Burrows
image number 9
image: 10
grave: 260656
Eva Archer
image number 10
image: 11
grave: 260657
Edith Mary Jane James
image number 11
image: 12
grave: 260658
John William Randall
image number 12
image: 13
grave: 260659
Elizabeth Rose Morley
image number 13
image: 14
grave: 260660
William Rushbrook
image number 14
image: 15
grave: 260661
Jesse Charles Rushbrook
image number 15
image: 16
grave: 260662
Walter Thorpe
image number 16
image: 17
grave: 260663
Harry Thorpe
image number 17
image: 18
grave: 260664
Rosa Bannister
image number 18

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