Mabel Elizabeth Kemble grave monument in All Saints burial ground, East Hanningfield, Essex, England

Mabel Elizabeth Kemble grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Mabel Elizabeth Kemble nee Busk
Joseph Busk
father of Mabel Elizabeth Kemble
Capt H F Kemble
husband of Mabel Elizabeth Kemble
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image: C2
grave: 260076
Mabel Elizabeth Kemble
image number C2
image: C3
grave: 260077
Horatio Fraser Kemble
image number C3
image: C4
grave: 260078
Thomas Seymour Brand Kemble
image number C4
image: C11
grave: 260079
John Charles Hardy
image number C11
image: C12
grave: 260080
image number C12
image: C13
grave: 260081
Samuel Bartlemore
image number C13
image: C13
grave: 260082
Clara Birtill
image number C13
image: C14
grave: 260083
James Thomas Fowler
image number C14
image: C15
grave: 260084
Arthur Joseph Sacre
image number C15
image: C16
grave: 260085
W J Harvey
image number C16
image: C17
grave: 260086
A J Sacre
image number C17

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