Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 259556Details of grave number 259556 at Dissenters Burial Ground Wrexham for Ann Griffiths

Ann Griffiths grave monument in Dissenters Burial Ground burial ground, Wrexham, Wrexham, Wales

Ann Griffiths grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ann Griffiths
Rev J Griffiths
father of Ann Griffiths
Ann Griffiths
1854491805mother of Ann Griffiths

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image: DSC00041
grave: 259546
Dafydd Jones
image number DSC00041
image: DSC00006
grave: 259547
William Weston Hockenhull
image number DSC00006
image: DSC00005
grave: 259548
Edward Worrall
image number DSC00005
image: DSC00044
grave: 259549
John Jones
image number DSC00044
image: DSC00045
grave: 259550
Robert Within
image number DSC00045
image: DSC00009
grave: 259551
Christina Trail
image number DSC00009
image: DSC00010
grave: 259552
Elizabeth Jenkins
image number DSC00010
image: DSC00011
grave: 259553
Elizabeth Catlough
image number DSC00011
image: DSC00049
grave: 259554
Samuel Roberts
image number DSC00049
image: DSC00013
grave: 259555
Elizabeth Loat
image number DSC00013
image: DSC00048
grave: 259556
Ann Griffiths
image number DSC00048
image: DSC00015
grave: 259557
Edward Jones
image number DSC00015
image: DSC00047
grave: 259558
Samuel Jones
image number DSC00047
image: DSC00017
grave: 259559
James Rogers
image number DSC00017
image: DSC00039
grave: 259560
Samuel Reddrop
image number DSC00039
image: DSC00050
grave: 259561
Rachel Jenkins
image number DSC00050
image: DSC00051
grave: 259562
Robert Reynolds
image number DSC00051
image: DSC00054
grave: 259563
John Hughes
image number DSC00054
image: DSC00055
grave: 259564
Edward Lloyd
image number DSC00055
image: DSC00057
grave: 259565
Deborah Roberts
image number DSC00057
image: DSC00058
grave: 259566
Margaret Hughes
image number DSC00058

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