Christina Veitch grave monument in New Calton , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Christina Veitch grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Christina Veitch nee Robertson
1853 first name on monumentDied 12th May
William Veitch
husband of Christina Veitch
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image: 11451
grave: 256375
John Williamson
image number 11451
image: 11455
grave: 256376
William Donaldson
image number 11455
image: 11456
grave: 256377
Isabella MacCallum
image number 11456
image: 11458/60/61/62
grave: 256378
Thomas Oliver
image number 11458/60/61/62
image: 11463
grave: 256379
Georgina E Stewart
image number 11463
image: 11465
grave: 256380
Hannah Dunn
image number 11465
image: 11467
grave: 256381
John Bayne
image number 11467
image: 11469
grave: 256382
Thomas Boyes
image number 11469
image: 11471
grave: 256383
John Urquhart
image number 11471
image: 11473
grave: 256384
W Johnston
image number 11473
image: 11474
grave: 256385
Christina Veitch
image number 11474
image: 11477
grave: 256386
Archibald Browne
image number 11477
image: 11479
grave: 256387
Duncan McCuaig
image number 11479
image: 11481
grave: 256388
Jean McCrea
image number 11481
image: 11482
grave: 256389
Joseph Miller
image number 11482
image: 11485
grave: 256390
Charles Ross
image number 11485
image: 11486
grave: 256391
Grace Reid
image number 11486
image: 11488
grave: 256392
Donald McCrea
image number 11488
image: 11491
grave: 256393
Christina McKay
image number 11491
image: 11496
grave: 256394
Archibald Elliot
image number 11496
image: 11497
grave: 256395
William Ross
image number 11497

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