Eliza Kerr Walsh grave monument in New Calton , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Eliza Kerr Walsh grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Eliza Kerr Walsh
1881801801first name on monumentDied 22nd April
Elizabeth Thomson nee Walsh
1883 daughter of Eliza Kerr WalshDied 21st February
Mary Aikman Wight
1923841839friend of Eliza Kerr WalshServant and friend; died at Lasswade; October 9th
James Kerr
1862 grand son of Eliza Kerr WalshDied at Greenock; April
Andrew Kerr
1867 grand son of Eliza Kerr WalshDied at Troon; October
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image: 11028
grave: 256203
Elizabeth McKenna
image number 11028
image: 11029
grave: 256204
Ann Roden
image number 11029
image: 11032
grave: 256205
Jessie Buie
image number 11032
image: 11037
grave: 256206
Jessie Seton
image number 11037
image: 11038
grave: 256207
John Duff
image number 11038
image: 11041
grave: 256208
George Husband Baird
image number 11041
image: 11042
grave: 256209
Margaret Haldane
image number 11042
image: 11045
grave: 256210
Thomas Congalton Hay
image number 11045
image: 11047
grave: 256211
Ann Webb
image number 11047
image: 11049
grave: 256212
John Howden
image number 11049
image: 11054
grave: 256213
Eliza Kerr Walsh
image number 11054
image: 11056
grave: 256214
John Leslie
image number 11056
image: 11058
grave: 256215
Catherine Bairnsfather
image number 11058
image: 11060
grave: 256216
Elizabeth Leishman
image number 11060
image: 11062
grave: 256217
John Christie
image number 11062
image: 11064
grave: 256218
John Johnstone
image number 11064
image: 11066
grave: 256219
George Berry
image number 11066
image: 11068
grave: 256220
William Darling
image number 11068
image: 11070
grave: 256221
Ann Gall
image number 11070
image: 11072
grave: 256222
Alexander Nairne
image number 11072
image: 11075
grave: 256223
Margaret Pollock
image number 11075

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