Adam Warden grave monument in New Calton , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Adam Warden grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Adam Warden MD FRCSE
1850461804first name on monumentAurist to the Queen. Died 25th May
Jessie Warden
1867361831daughter of Adam WardenDied 25th June
Jane Elderton Watson nee Warden
daughter of Adam Warden
Mary Greig nee Warden
daughter of Adam Warden
Edward Warden
183551830son of Adam WardenDied 13th November
Adam Warden
183611835son of Adam WardenDied 3rd December; aged 1 year 8 months
Robert Warden
1858251833son of Adam WardenDied 13th September
Thomas Warden MD RN
1875881787son of Adam WardenDied at Southsea; 10th December
Jane Warden nee Stevenson
1864631801wife of Adam WardenDied 5th April
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image: 1120123
grave: 256040
Elizabeth Reid
image number 1120123
image: 1120125
grave: 256041
Patrick Skirving
image number 1120125
image: 1120129
grave: 256042
Henry Currer
image number 1120129
image: 1120131
grave: 256043
Elizabeth McDonald
image number 1120131
image: 1120134
grave: 256044
Thomas Gregory
image number 1120134
image: 1120136
grave: 256045
Margaret Dalziel
image number 1120136
image: 1120140
grave: 256046
Charles McDowall
image number 1120140
image: 1120141
grave: 256047
William McDowall
image number 1120141
image: 1120142
grave: 256048
James McDowall
image number 1120142
image: 1120143
grave: 256049
Mary Kirkpatrick Campbell
image number 1120143
image: 1120145
grave: 256050
Adam Warden
image number 1120145
image: 1120146
grave: 256051
Alan Stevenson
image number 1120146
image: 1120147
grave: 256052
Robert Colin Stevenson
image number 1120147
image: 1120144
grave: 256053
Robert Stevenson
image number 1120144
image: 1120152
grave: 256054
William Miller
image number 1120152
image: 1120153
grave: 256055
Margaret Lindsay Thomson
image number 1120153
image: 1120155
grave: 256056
David Gross
image number 1120155
image: 1120158
grave: 256057
John Gairdner
image number 1120158
image: 1120164
grave: 256058
Robert Gairdner
image number 1120164
image: 1120165
grave: 256059
Andrew White
image number 1120165
image: 1120167
grave: 256060
Andrew Grierson
image number 1120167

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