John Torry grave monument in New Calton , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

John Torry grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Torry
1899731826first name on monumentSolicitor. Clerk to the Commissioners of the Harbour and Docks of Leith; for 25 years. Born 8th January; died 23rd November
Elspeth Shaw Brand nee Torry
1891681823daughter of John TorryDied 23rd April
James Torry
1854331821son of John TorryOnly son. Banchory-Ternan. Died 30th January
Robert Brand
son-in-law of John TorryWesterton; Peterhead.
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grave: 255996
George Fowler
image number 1120034
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grave: 255997
Alexander Fowler
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grave: 255998
John Fowler
image number 1120036
image: 1120037
grave: 255999
Samuel Meek
image number 1120037
image: 1120038
grave: 256000
John Walker
image number 1120038
image: 1120039
grave: 256001
Thomas Orr
image number 1120039
image: 1120040
grave: 256002
Crescentius Samuel Field Hooper
image number 1120040
image: 1120042
grave: 256003
John Darling
image number 1120042
image: 1120044
grave: 256004
Donald McIntosh
image number 1120044
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grave: 256005
John Ballenden
image number 1120046/50
image: 1120051
grave: 256006
John Torry
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grave: 256007
Nisbet Hallion
image number 1120053
image: 1120055
grave: 256008
William Hood Newton
image number 1120055
image: 1120057
grave: 256009
Alexander Sutherland
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image: 1120059
grave: 256010
James Bell
image number 1120059
image: 1120061
grave: 256011
Isabella Whyte
image number 1120061
image: 1120063
grave: 256012
Robert Forbes
image number 1120063
image: 1120064
grave: 256013
Andrew Strachan
image number 1120064
image: 1120065
grave: 256014
James Blyth
image number 1120065
image: 1120066
grave: 256015
John William Moir
image number 1120066
image: 1120067
grave: 256016
John Scott
image number 1120067

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