Georgina Jean Young grave monument in New Calton , Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland

Georgina Jean Young grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Georgina Jean Young
first name on monumentAlso of two brothers and a sister; who died in infancy
James Young
1843 father of Georgina Jean YoungOf the Excise; Edin. Died 17th February
Jean Donaldson nee Dunbar
1846 grand daughter of Georgina Jean YoungDied 11th August
Rev George Donaldson
grand daughters husband of Georgina Jean YoungMinister of Ruthven; Banffshire
Mary Janet Young nee Donaldson
1857 mother of Georgina Jean Young
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grave: 255973
Mark Dalgleish
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grave: 255974
Robert Little Reid
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grave: 255975
Robert McLaren
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grave: 255976
William Elphinstone
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grave: 255977
Alexander Mudie
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grave: 255978
Alexander Giles
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grave: 255979
Ann Dobson
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grave: 255980
James Ivory
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grave: 255981
Thomas Gordon
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grave: 255982
Margaret Forbes
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grave: 255983
Georgina Jean Young
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grave: 255984
Robert Skelden
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grave: 255985
Sarah Kerr
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grave: 255986
William McKinnell
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grave: 255987
Nicol Carter
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grave: 255988
Andrew Smith
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grave: 255989
Elizabeth Gordon
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grave: 255990
Robert Adam
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image: 1120021
grave: 255991
Elizabeth Hume
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grave: 255992
Alexander Cumming
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grave: 255993
David Ness
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