Anna Robinson Fisher grave monument in St Peter and St Paul , Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England

Anna Robinson Fisher grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Anna Robinson Fisher
1910441866first name on monument
Robert Fisher
father-in-law of Anna Robinson Fisher
Robert Fisher
1914481866husband of Anna Robinson Fisher
Emily Fisher
mother-in-law of Anna Robinson Fisher
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image: 5796
grave: 242
Harriot Leah
image number 5796
image: 5798
grave: 243
Robert Melles
image number 5798
image: 5799
grave: 244
Emma Kersey
image number 5799
image: 5800
grave: 245
Mary Ann Melles
image number 5800
image: 5802
grave: 246
Ada Mary Beart
image number 5802
image: 5803
grave: 247
Charlotte Harriet Fox
image number 5803
image: 5804
grave: 248
William Aldus
image number 5804
image: 5805
grave: 249
Charles A. Cracknell
image number 5805
image: 5806
grave: 250
Harriett Riches
image number 5806
image: 5808
grave: 251
Edward Airey
image number 5808
image: 5809
grave: 252
Anna Robinson Fisher
image number 5809
image: 5810
grave: 253
Harriet Scarlett
image number 5810
image: 5811
grave: 254
Emily Fisher
image number 5811
image: 5812
grave: 255
Eliza Airey
image number 5812
image: 5813
grave: 256
Betsey Bunnies
image number 5813
image: 5814
grave: 257
Hortensia Stead
image number 5814
image: 5815
grave: 258
Helen Bunniss
image number 5815
image: 5816
grave: 259
Jane Walker
image number 5816
image: 5817
grave: 260
William Skeet
image number 5817
image: 5818
grave: 261
David Churchyard
image number 5818
image: 5819
grave: 262
Eliza Brock
image number 5819

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