Ann Pepper grave monument in St Helen , Eston, Yorkshire, England

Ann Pepper grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ann Pepper
1888431845first name on monument
John Pepper
1908751833husband of Ann Pepper
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image: 431
grave: 251118
George Osborne
image number 431
image: 432
grave: 251119
John Osborne
image number 432
image: 433
grave: 251120
John E Parker
image number 433
image: 434
grave: 251121
Susannah Parkinson
image number 434
image: 435
grave: 251122
Hannah Parsons
image number 435
image: 436
grave: 251123
Sarah Ann Patterson
image number 436
image: 437
grave: 251124
Matthew Peacock
image number 437
image: 438
grave: 251125
Rebecca Pearce
image number 438
image: 439a; b
grave: 251126
Isabella Pelmear
image number 439a; b
image: 440
grave: 251127
Michael Pencilley
image number 440
image: 441
grave: 251128
Ann Pepper
image number 441
image: 442
grave: 251129
Richard Pepper
image number 442
image: 443
grave: 251130
Robert Petch
image number 443
image: 444
grave: 251131
Edward William Pickrell
image number 444
image: 445
grave: 251132
William Lewis Piercey
image number 445
image: 446
grave: 251133
Jane Ann Plowman
image number 446
image: 448
grave: 251134
Morgan Price
image number 448
image: 449
grave: 251135
John Priest
image number 449
image: 450
grave: 251136
Marie Priest
image number 450
image: 451
grave: 251137
Robert Prince
image number 451
image: 452
grave: 251138
William Proudlock
image number 452

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