Duncan Fisher grave monument in High Blantyre , Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Duncan Fisher grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Duncan Fisher
1936 first name on monument
Annie E Fisher nee Wallace
1961841877wife of Duncan Fisher
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Duncan Fisher grave location

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image: 1274
grave: 245756
William S Paton
image number 1274
image: 1275
grave: 245757
Alice Brown
image number 1275
image: 1276
grave: 245758
Annabelle Cornfield
image number 1276
image: 1277
grave: 245759
Alexander Reid Jack
image number 1277
image: 1278
grave: 245760
Catherine Cook
image number 1278
image: 1279
grave: 245761
David Brown
image number 1279
image: 1280
grave: 245762
Alice Campbell
image number 1280
image: 1281
grave: 245763
Barbara MacMillan
image number 1281
image: 1282
grave: 245764
Elizabeth Farrell
image number 1282
image: 1283
grave: 245765
James McLelland
image number 1283
image: 1284
grave: 245766
Duncan Fisher
image number 1284
image: 1285
grave: 245767
Isobel Cavanagh
image number 1285
image: 1286
grave: 245768
Mary McGhee
image number 1286
image: 1287
grave: 245769
Annie Morgan
image number 1287
image: 1288
grave: 245770
Andrew E Cropp
image number 1288
image: 1289
grave: 245771
Daniel Nicol
image number 1289
image: 1290
grave: 245772
Edward V Keane
image number 1290
image: 1291
grave: 245773
Betty Longmuir
image number 1291
image: 1292
grave: 245774
James Eugene Tomany
image number 1292
image: 1293
grave: 245775
J Lusk
image number 1293
image: 1294
grave: 245776
William Allan
image number 1294

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