Betsy Marsden grave monument in Heaton , Bolton, Lancashire, England

Betsy Marsden grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Betsy Marsden
1911701841first name on monumentdied at Fleetwood
Joseph Marsden
1929771852husband of Betsy Marsdendied at Fleetwood
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image: 8227
grave: 241435
Oliver Greenhalgh
image number 8227
image: 8228
grave: 241436
Thomas Walker
image number 8228
image: 8229
grave: 241437
James Archer
image number 8229
image: 8230
grave: 241438
Thomas Archer
image number 8230
image: 8231
grave: 241439
Mary Ward
image number 8231
image: 8232
grave: 241440
Walter Russell
image number 8232
image: 8233
grave: 241441
Mary Russell
image number 8233
image: 8236
grave: 241442
Richard Curwen
image number 8236
image: 8237
grave: 241443
Hannah Holden
image number 8237
image: 8238
grave: 241444
Ellen Atherton
image number 8238
image: 8239
grave: 241445
Betsy Marsden
image number 8239
image: 8240
grave: 241446
Benjamin Isherwood
image number 8240
image: 8241
grave: 241447
Emma Clark
image number 8241
image: 8242
grave: 241448
Richard John Phillips
image number 8242
image: 8243
grave: 241449
John Heyworth
image number 8243
image: 8244
grave: 241450
Mary Isherwood
image number 8244
image: 8245
grave: 241451
Annie M Newton
image number 8245
image: 8246
grave: 241452
Rachel Grimshaw
image number 8246
image: 8247
grave: 241453
John William Marbeck
image number 8247
image: 8248
grave: 241454
John Smethurst
image number 8248
image: 8249
grave: 241455
James Dewsnap
image number 8249

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