Christopher John Cowling grave monument in Section BB , Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

Christopher John Cowling grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Christopher John Cowling
04/08/1940601880first name on monument
Annie Maria Cowling
19/03/1950681882wife of Christopher John Cowling
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image: 3851
grave: 238875
Ethel Elizabeth Sheppard
image number 3851
image: 3852
grave: 238876
Sidney Croft-Baker
image number 3852
image: 3853
grave: 238877
George Alfred Smith
image number 3853
image: 3854
grave: 238878
Albert Herbert Wood
image number 3854
image: 3855
grave: 238879
Alfred George Peutrell
image number 3855
image: 3856
grave: 238880
Charles Ward
image number 3856
image: 3857
grave: 238881
Emily East
image number 3857
image: 3858
grave: 238882
Fredrick Ravenscroft
image number 3858
image: 3859
grave: 238883
Leonard Brocklesby
image number 3859
image: 3860
grave: 238884
Bob Carside
image number 3860
image: 3861
grave: 238885
Christopher John Cowling
image number 3861
image: 3862
grave: 238886
Frank Cole
image number 3862
image: 3863
grave: 238887
C H Neck
image number 3863
image: 3864
grave: 238888
Herbert H Charlesworth
image number 3864
image: 3865
grave: 238889
William James Wilkins
image number 3865
image: 3866
grave: 238890
Laurie Kirby
image number 3866
image: 3867
grave: 238891
Norah Wright
image number 3867
image: 3868
grave: 238892
Arnold Cobden Smith
image number 3868
image: 3869
grave: 238893
Kathleen Brownhill
image number 3869
image: 3870
grave: 238894
Stanley C Parrott
image number 3870
image: 3871
grave: 238895
Sidney Ronald Wilbourne
image number 3871

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