Ada Baskcomb grave monument in Section BB cemetery, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

Ada Baskcomb grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ada Baskcomb
Bill Baskcomb
02/02/1977721905husband of Ada Baskcomb
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image: 3638
grave: 238662
Harry Smedley
image number 3638
image: 3639
grave: 238663
David Maggs
image number 3639
image: 3640
grave: 238664
Constance Marks
image number 3640
image: 3641
grave: 238665
Eva Anderson
image number 3641
image: 3642
grave: 238666
Molly O'callaghan
image number 3642
image: 3643
grave: 238667
Herbert George Balkwill
image number 3643
image: 3644
grave: 238668
Olive Tyson
image number 3644
image: 3645
grave: 238669
Harry Elsmore Sibley
image number 3645
image: 3646
grave: 238670
Oswald Krammer
image number 3646
image: 3648
grave: 238672
Ada Baskcomb
image number 3648
image: 3649
grave: 238673
Louie Sutherland
image number 3649
image: 3650
grave: 238674
Thomas Maggs
image number 3650
image: 3651
grave: 238675
Fredrick James Massey
image number 3651
image: 3652
grave: 238676
Walter Henry Hudson
image number 3652
image: 3653
grave: 238677
W H Lamming
image number 3653
image: 3654
grave: 238678
Maurice Wharton
image number 3654
image: 3655
grave: 238679
Alfred H Reveler
image number 3655
image: 3656
grave: 238680
Nellie Ogley
image number 3656
image: 3657
grave: 238681
George Alfred Wixey
image number 3657
image: 3658
grave: 238682
May Willingham
image number 3658

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