Rose Elizabeth Wood grave monument in Section EE , Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

Rose Elizabeth Wood grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Rose Elizabeth Wood
18/12/1962751887first name on monument
Peter Bett Wood
10/09/1964701894husband of Rose Elizabeth Wood
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image: 5074
grave: 237946
Daniel Davie
image number 5074
image: 5075
grave: 237947
Stanley Philip Stubbs
image number 5075
image: 5076
grave: 237948
Ivy Miller
image number 5076
image: 5077
grave: 237949
George Beech
image number 5077
image: 5078
grave: 237950
Inga Petersen
image number 5078
image: 5079
grave: 237951
Tom Cooper
image number 5079
image: 5080
grave: 237952
Ernest Docking
image number 5080
image: 5081
grave: 237953
Albert Edward Smith
image number 5081
image: 5082
grave: 237954
Alice Evelyn Wilson
image number 5082
image: 5083
grave: 237955
Henry Homer
image number 5083
image: 5084
grave: 237956
Rose Elizabeth Wood
image number 5084
image: 5085
grave: 237957
Kenneth Percy Atkinson
image number 5085
image: 5086
grave: 237958
John Harrison Lawson
image number 5086
image: 5087
grave: 237959
Evelyn Little
image number 5087
image: 5088
grave: 237960
Alfred Victor Ritson
image number 5088
image: 5089
grave: 237961
Anthony Edwin Daniels
image number 5089
image: 5090
grave: 237962
Harry William Horsley
image number 5090
image: 5091
grave: 237963
Charlotte Ann Topliss
image number 5091
image: 5092
grave: 237964
Annie Elizabeth Thomas
image number 5092
image: 5093
grave: 237965
George Edward Harniess
image number 5093
image: 5094
grave: 237966
Kathleen Parker
image number 5094

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