Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 236403Details of grave number 236403 at Area O Thornaby-on-Tees for Florence Ellen Smith

Florence Ellen Smith grave monument in Area O cemetery, Thornaby-on-Tees, Durham, England

Florence Ellen Smith grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Florence Ellen Smith
Sydney C Smith
1967731894husband of Florence Ellen Smith

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image: 6010
grave: 236393
John E L Robson
image number 6010
image: 6011
grave: 236394
Harry Tose
image number 6011
image: 6012
grave: 236395
Violet Winifred Clamp
image number 6012
image: 6014
grave: 236396
William Bumford
image number 6014
image: 6015
grave: 236397
Wilfred A Pickering
image number 6015
image: 6016
grave: 236398
Jane Thubron
image number 6016
image: 6017
grave: 236399
John Hood
image number 6017
image: 6019
grave: 236400
Thomas William Donnison
image number 6019
image: 6020
grave: 236401
James F Ferguson
image number 6020
image: 6021
grave: 236402
Edward H Jones
image number 6021
image: 6022
grave: 236403
Florence Ellen Smith
image number 6022
image: 6023
grave: 236404
Edmund Morris Shute
image number 6023
image: 6024
grave: 236405
Alfred Collinson
image number 6024
image: 6025
grave: 236406
Francis Walker
image number 6025
image: 6027
grave: 236407
Emily Ada Neal
image number 6027
image: 6028
grave: 236408
Forster Downing
image number 6028
image: 6029
grave: 236409
John William Roberts
image number 6029
image: 6030
grave: 236410
Fred Peacock
image number 6030
image: 6031
grave: 236411
Robert Henry Donald
image number 6031
image: 6032
grave: 236412
Jack McGregor
image number 6032
image: 6033
grave: 236413
Henry Bowes Boult
image number 6033

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