Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 236392Details of grave number 236392 at Area O Thornaby-on-Tees for Robert Edward Walker

Robert Edward Walker grave monument in Area O cemetery, Thornaby-on-Tees, Durham, England

Robert Edward Walker grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Robert Edward Walker
Rose Hannah Walker
1951731878wife of Robert Edward Walker

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image: 5995
grave: 236382
A T Greenfield
image number 5995
image: 5996
grave: 236383
Mary Ann Humphreys
image number 5996
image: 5997
grave: 236384
William H McDonald
image number 5997
image: 5998
grave: 236385
Hector James McDonald
image number 5998
image: 5999
grave: 236386
Thomas Reeves
image number 5999
image: 6004
grave: 236387
Josephus Williams
image number 6004
image: 6005
grave: 236388
Thomas R Rusk
image number 6005
image: 6006
grave: 236389
Richard Colclough
image number 6006
image: 6007
grave: 236390
Isabella G Notman
image number 6007
image: 6008
grave: 236391
George H Mayhew
image number 6008
image: 6009
grave: 236392
Robert Edward Walker
image number 6009
image: 6010
grave: 236393
John E L Robson
image number 6010
image: 6011
grave: 236394
Harry Tose
image number 6011
image: 6012
grave: 236395
Violet Winifred Clamp
image number 6012
image: 6014
grave: 236396
William Bumford
image number 6014
image: 6015
grave: 236397
Wilfred A Pickering
image number 6015
image: 6016
grave: 236398
Jane Thubron
image number 6016
image: 6017
grave: 236399
John Hood
image number 6017
image: 6019
grave: 236400
Thomas William Donnison
image number 6019
image: 6020
grave: 236401
James F Ferguson
image number 6020
image: 6021
grave: 236402
Edward H Jones
image number 6021

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