John Bainbridge grave monument in St John in the Vale burial ground, Threlkeld, Cumberland, England

John Bainbridge grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
John Bainbridge
Ann Bainbridge
1913621851wife of John Bainbridge
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find John Bainbridge grave location

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image: 2954
grave: 236010
Anzie Pattinson
image number 2954
image: 2956
grave: 236011
George Pattinson
image number 2956
image: 2958
grave: 236012
Henry Robinson
image number 2958
image: 2959
grave: 236013
Daniel Thwaite
image number 2959
image: 2959
grave: 236014
Margaret Thwaite
image number 2959
image: 2962
grave: 236015
Elizabeth Jane Boow
image number 2962
image: 2963
grave: 236016
image number 2963
image: 2964
grave: 236017
Maurice Nicholls
image number 2964
image: 2967
grave: 236018
William F Atkinson
image number 2967
image: 2968
grave: 236019
Maggie Huddlestone
image number 2968
image: 2969
grave: 236020
John Bainbridge
image number 2969
image: 2971
grave: 236021
John Tickell
image number 2971
image: 2972
grave: 236022
John Hawkrigg
image number 2972
image: 2973
grave: 236023
John Dowthwaite
image number 2973
image: 2978
grave: 236024
James Tweddle
image number 2978
image: 2979
grave: 236025
Elizabeth Edmondson
image number 2979
image: 2979
grave: 236026
Mary Edmondson
image number 2979
image: 2979
grave: 236027
Alfred Edmondson
image number 2979
image: 2979
grave: 236028
Joseph Edmondson
image number 2979
image: 2983
grave: 236029
Thomas Hawkrigg
image number 2983
image: 2985
grave: 236030
Thomas Walton
image number 2985

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