Judith Ann Braun grave monument in Methodist burial ground, Woodside, South Australia, Australia

Judith Ann Braun grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Judith Ann (Judy) Braun
Kerri Braun
daughter-in-law of Judith Ann Braun
Bob Braun
husband of Judith Ann Braun
Gregg Braun
son of Judith Ann Braun
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image: 907
grave: 235379
Harry E Rowley
image number 907
image: 911
grave: 235380
Joyce Hilda Reece
image number 911
image: 912
grave: 235381
Ruby Ruth Gamlen
image number 912
image: 913
grave: 235382
Keith William Plummer
image number 913
image: 914
grave: 235383
Bryan Dean Dearman
image number 914
image: 915
grave: 235384
Olive Jean Drummond
image number 915
image: 916
grave: 235385
Francis Norman Moller
image number 916
image: 917
grave: 235386
Louis Keith Stanbury
image number 917
image: 920
grave: 235387
George Henry Farquhar
image number 920
image: 922
grave: 235388
Vera Gladys Bartsch
image number 922
image: 924
grave: 235389
Judith Ann Braun
image number 924
image: 925
grave: 235390
James Alfred Collick Hayward
image number 925
image: 927
grave: 235391
Kenneth Charles Rose
image number 927
image: 928
grave: 235392
Clarence Richard Barber
image number 928
image: 929
grave: 235393
Edna Norma Duffield
image number 929
image: 930
grave: 235394
Mathina Dawn Kidd
image number 930
image: 931
grave: 235395
Ronald James Floyd
image number 931
image: 932
grave: 235396
Raymond S Teakle
image number 932
image: 933
grave: 235397
Vera Hulda Teakle
image number 933
image: 935
grave: 235398
Murray W Nourse
image number 935
image: 936
grave: 235399
Walter Edward White
image number 936

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