Ada Gertrude Langbein grave monument in St Mark Anglican burial ground, Woodside, South Australia, Australia

Ada Gertrude Langbein grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Ada Gertrude Langbein
Kay Langbein
daughter of Ada Gertrude Langbein
Roy Langbein
first husband of Ada Gertrude Langbein
Bill Langbein
son of Ada Gertrude Langbein
Ken Langbein
son of Ada Gertrude Langbein
Pat Langbein
son of Ada Gertrude Langbein
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image: 661
grave: 235158
Eric Alan Morgan
image number 661
image: 662
grave: 235159
Trevor John Pfeiffer
image number 662
image: 663
grave: 235160
Edward Weight
image number 663
image: 664
grave: 235161
Phillip Anthony Tidswell
image number 664
image: 665
grave: 235162
Walter John Rutter
image number 665
image: 666
grave: 235163
Lavinia Mary Kleinschmidt
image number 666
image: 667
grave: 235164
Malcolm John Green
image number 667
image: 668
grave: 235165
Frederick Walter Green
image number 668
image: 669
grave: 235166
Margaret Chivell
image number 669
image: 670
grave: 235167
E L Earls
image number 670
image: 671
grave: 235168
Ada Gertrude Langbein
image number 671
image: 672
grave: 235169
Helena Boyton
image number 672
image: 673
grave: 235170
Mary A Wright
image number 673
image: 674
grave: 235171
Jack Lauterbach
image number 674
image: 678
grave: 235172
Louisa Caroline Gallas
image number 678
image: 679
grave: 235173
Eliza Ann Edgeloe
image number 679
image: 680
grave: 235174
May Adeline O'Rielly
image number 680
image: 681
grave: 235175
Edwin Waybrett Lowan
image number 681
image: 682
grave: 235176
Eliza Standard Discombe
image number 682
image: 683
grave: 235177
Thomas Discombe
image number 683
image: 684
grave: 235178
Gertrude Annie Sleader
image number 684

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