Alfred Gibbs grave monument in Old Municipal Section O , Ipswich, Suffolk, England

Alfred Gibbs grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Alfred (China) Gibbs
1929281901first name on monument
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Alfred Gibbs grave location

(10 thumbnails before and after the grave with GPR number 228082)

The following thumbnail images are the 10 taken before and 10 after the one for Alfred Gibbs was taken.

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image: Gardiner James 834
grave: 228072
James Gardiner
image number Gardiner James   834
image: Garlick Marion 611
grave: 228073
Marion Garlick
image number Garlick Marion   611
image: Garling Abraham 258
grave: 228074
Abraham Garling
image number Garling Abraham   258
image: Garnham Eliza 468
grave: 228075
Eliza Garnham
image number Garnham Eliza  468
image: Garnham Robert 605
grave: 228076
Robert Garnham
image number Garnham Robert  605
image: Garnham William Kerrison 767
grave: 228077
William Kerrison Garnham
image number Garnham William Kerrison   767
image: Gathercole Mary Ann 760
grave: 228078
Mary Ann Gathercole
image number Gathercole Mary Ann  760
image: Geen Thomas 780
grave: 228079
Thomas Geen
image number Geen Thomas   780
image: Gibb Rosina Sarah 064
grave: 228080
Rosina Sarah Gibb
image number Gibb Rosina Sarah  064
image: Gibb W A 064
grave: 228081
W A Gibb
image number Gibb W A   064
image: Gibbs Alfred 695
grave: 228082
Alfred Gibbs
image number Gibbs Alfred  695
image: Gibbs Frederick 793
grave: 228083
Frederick Gibbs
image number Gibbs Frederick  793
image: Gibling James 119
grave: 228084
James Gibling
image number Gibling James   119
image: 783
grave: 228085
Walter R Gilbert
image number 783
image: Gilbert Bessie 783
grave: 228086
Bessie Gilbert
image number Gilbert Bessie 783
image: 454
grave: 228087
Elizabeth Glanfield
image number 454
image: Glanfield Maria Garrett 454
grave: 228088
Maria Garrett Glanfield
image number Glanfield Maria Garrett 454
image: Glasgow William 083
grave: 228089
William Glasgow
image number Glasgow William   083
image: Gleed Thomas 077
grave: 228090
Thomas Gleed
image number Gleed Thomas   077
image: Goate Samuel 118
grave: 228091
Samuel Goate
image number Goate Samuel   118
image: Godbold Leah 394
grave: 228092
Leah Godbold
image number Godbold Leah   394

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