Thomas James Beck grave monument in St Mary , Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England

Thomas James Beck grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas James Beck
1927711856first name on monument
Fanny Florence Beck
1945871858relationship not given of Thomas James Beck
Dorothy Hilda Beck
1957 wife of Thomas James Beck
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image: 79
grave: 22791
Minnie Strong
image number 79
image: 80
grave: 22792
Laurence Edward Strong
image number 80
image: 81
grave: 22793
Kathleen Mary Fulher
image number 81
image: 82
grave: 22794
Alfred Hunter
image number 82
image: 83
grave: 22795
William Henry Stroud
image number 83
image: 84
grave: 22796
William Reg Stroud
image number 84
image: 85
grave: 22797
Etta Selina Clark
image number 85
image: 86
grave: 22798
Alfred Warner
image number 86
image: 88
grave: 22799
Richard Weber
image number 88
image: 90
grave: 22800
Albert Edward Tickner
image number 90
image: 91
grave: 22801
Thomas James Beck
image number 91
image: 92
grave: 22802
Henry Watson
image number 92
image: 94
grave: 22803
Charles James
image number 94
image: 95
grave: 22804
Eliza Ellen Bailey
image number 95
image: 96
grave: 22805
Frank Geoffrey Burton Waldegrave
image number 96
image: 97
grave: 22806
Annie Goodnough
image number 97
image: 98
grave: 22807
Thurza Louie Hoff
image number 98
image: 99
grave: 22808
Frederick Angus Cosson
image number 99
image: 100
grave: 22809
Thurza Mabel Cosson
image number 100
image: 103
grave: 22810
Doris Mary Aldis
image number 103
image: 104
grave: 22811
Lilla Mary Fry
image number 104

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