Gravestone Photographs Resource breadcrumb list for grave 226176Details of grave number 226176 at St Mary Magdalene Tallarn Green for Thomas Henry Twiss

Thomas Henry Twiss grave monument in St Mary Magdalene burial ground, Tallarn Green, Wrexham, Wales

Thomas Henry Twiss grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Thomas Henry Twiss
Edie Twiss
1968501918daughter of Thomas Henry Twiss
Beatrice Twiss
1964781886wife of Thomas Henry Twiss

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image: 408
grave: 226166
John Digby
image number 408
image: 409
grave: 226167
Theodora Meeres
image number 409
image: 410
grave: 226168
Ethel Annie Williams
image number 410
image: 411
grave: 226169
Thomas Walter Price
image number 411
image: 413
grave: 226170
Charles Arthur Purcell
image number 413
image: 415
grave: 226171
Sam Williams
image number 415
image: 416
grave: 226172
Edwin Williams
image number 416
image: 417
grave: 226173
Clara Beckett
image number 417
image: 418
grave: 226174
Frances Martha Forster
image number 418
image: 419
grave: 226175
Lucy Florence Williams
image number 419
image: 420
grave: 226176
Thomas Henry Twiss
image number 420
image: 421
grave: 226177
Ernest Hall
image number 421
image: 422
grave: 226178
James Randle
image number 422
image: 423
grave: 226179
Daniel Rowland
image number 423
image: 425
grave: 226180
Albert Roberts
image number 425
image: 426
grave: 226181
Albert Ralphes
image number 426
image: 427
grave: 226182
John Butler
image number 427
image: 428
grave: 226183
Edith Annie Whitfield
image number 428
image: 430
grave: 226184
John Whitfield
image number 430
image: 431
grave: 226185
John Whitfield
image number 431
image: 433
grave: 226186
Rose Elizabeth Saywell
image number 433

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