Randolph H Chapman grave monument in St Mary the Virgin burial ground, Haughley, Suffolk, England

Randolph H Chapman grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Randolph H Chapman
Annie Chapman
1972741898wife of Randolph H Chapman
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image: 372
grave: 225418
Frank Roper
image number 372
image: 373
grave: 225419
Dora Pryke
image number 373
image: 374
grave: 225420
Frederick J Catton
image number 374
image: 375
grave: 225421
Frederick Arthur Wood
image number 375
image: 376
grave: 225422
Elsie Harper
image number 376
image: 377
grave: 225423
Oliver John Faiers
image number 377
image: 378
grave: 225424
James Henry Diaper
image number 378
image: 379
grave: 225425
Minnie Margaret Sore
image number 379
image: 380
grave: 225426
T James
image number 380
image: 381
grave: 225427
Walter Snowling
image number 381
image: 382
grave: 225428
Randolph H Chapman
image number 382
image: 383
grave: 225429
Charles H James
image number 383
image: 384
grave: 225430
Ellen Alice Rice
image number 384
image: 385
grave: 225431
Neil Roger Farrow
image number 385
image: 386
grave: 225432
John Cremer Morley
image number 386
image: 387
grave: 225433
Edward C Rice
image number 387
image: 388
grave: 225434
Percy Frank Sage
image number 388
image: 389
grave: 225435
John William Bowden
image number 389
image: 391
grave: 225436
Frank Green
image number 391
image: 392
grave: 225437
Audrey Amanda Dixon
image number 392
image: 393
grave: 225438
Charles H Burch
image number 393

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