Frederick William Warr grave monument in Municipal 4 , Paignton, Devon, England

Frederick William Warr grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Frederick William Warr
1986641922first name on monument
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Frederick William Warr grave location

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image: 549
grave: 223985
Lilian McGuire
image number 549
image: 550
grave: 223986
Richard Russell
image number 550
image: 551
grave: 223987
Thomas George Watson
image number 551
image: 552
grave: 223988
Olive Shipton
image number 552
image: 553
grave: 223989
John Iley
image number 553
image: 554
grave: 223990
Ethel Maud Brown
image number 554
image: 555
grave: 223991
Walter Simcox
image number 555
image: 556
grave: 223992
Edna Ann Hancock
image number 556
image: 557
grave: 223993
Joyce Bicket
image number 557
image: 558
grave: 223994
Frank Pounds
image number 558
image: 559
grave: 223995
Frederick William Warr
image number 559
image: 560
grave: 223996
Marjorie Hosgood
image number 560
image: 561
grave: 223997
Harold Harlock
image number 561
image: 562
grave: 223998
Archibald Pyrah
image number 562
image: 563
grave: 223999
Len Spink
image number 563
image: 566
grave: 224001
Philip Betts
image number 566
image: 557
grave: 224002
Frederick E Hurford
image number 557
image: 568
grave: 224003
Florence Gouge
image number 568
image: 569
grave: 224004
Phyllis Kate Garrett
image number 569
image: 570
grave: 224005
Ada Dora Reed
image number 570

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