Joan Harris grave monument in Municipal 4 cemetery, Paignton, Devon, England

Joan Harris grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Joan Harris
George Harris
1990691921husband of Joan Harris
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image: 155
grave: 223959
Helen Tuck
image number 155
image: 156
grave: 223960
Mary Augusta King
image number 156
image: 157
grave: 223961
Arthur Binmore
image number 157
image: 526
grave: 223962
William Ernest Canning
image number 526
image: 527
grave: 223963
Louisa Cutting Cutting
image number 527
image: 528
grave: 223964
Hugh Royston Lewis
image number 528
image: 529
grave: 223965
May Bragg
image number 529
image: 530
grave: 223966
Ronald Philip Clifford
image number 530
image: 531
grave: 223967
Cyril Segal
image number 531
image: 532
grave: 223968
Yavuz Ismet Sengun
image number 532
image: 533
grave: 223969
Joan Harris
image number 533
image: 534
grave: 223970
Gordon Ernest Isaac
image number 534
image: 535
grave: 223971
Daren Roberts
image number 535
image: 536
grave: 223972
Edith Coysh
image number 536
image: 537
grave: 223973
Jack H Loddey
image number 537
image: 538
grave: 223974
Grace Porter
image number 538
image: 539
grave: 223975
Sidney Roy Spring
image number 539
image: 540
grave: 223976
Ellen Fallon
image number 540
image: 541
grave: 223977
Hilda Iris Rich
image number 541
image: 542
grave: 223978
Lionel George Clark
image number 542
image: 543
grave: 223979
Felicity Ann Edgson
image number 543

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