Charles Thompson grave monument in Rock Municipal burial ground, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England

Charles Thompson grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Charles Thompson
Edith Thompson
1933541879relationship not given of Charles Thompson
Francis Thompson
1939671872relationship not given of Charles Thompson
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Breadcrumb trail images to help find Charles Thompson grave location

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image: 6274
grave: 22110
William Isaac Rogers
image number 6274
image: 6274
grave: 22111
Fred Rogers
image number 6274
image: 6275
grave: 22112
John Merrien
image number 6275
image: 6276
grave: 22113
Maria Merryman
image number 6276
image: 6277
grave: 22114
Mary Ann Pearson
image number 6277
image: 6278
grave: 22115
Charles James Ashmore
image number 6278
image: 6279
grave: 22116
Mary Ann Slawson
image number 6279
image: 6280
grave: 22117
Henry Pearson
image number 6280
image: 6281
grave: 22118
A.G. Elliott
image number 6281
image: 6282
grave: 22119
Susan Elliott
image number 6282
image: 6283
grave: 22120
Charles Thompson
image number 6283
image: 6284
grave: 22121
John Smith
image number 6284
image: 6285
grave: 22122
Eliza Smith
image number 6285
image: 6286
grave: 22123
Edward Thompson Lawrence
image number 6286
image: 6287
grave: 22124
Joseph Smith
image number 6287
image: 6288
grave: 22125
Sarah Elizabeth Smith
image number 6288
image: 6289
grave: 22126
Robert Smith
image number 6289
image: 6290
grave: 22127
Elizabeth Cane
image number 6290
image: 6291
grave: 22128
Millicent Emma Gilbert
image number 6291
image: 6292
grave: 22129
William Smith
image number 6292
image: 6293
grave: 22130
Arthur Fraser
image number 6293

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