Carl Martin Lutze grave monument in General cemetery, Lobethal, South Australia, Australia

Carl Martin Lutze grave monument: legible names and details

full nameburial
Carl Martin Lutze
Valda Lutze
daughter of Carl Martin Lutze
Kingsley Lutze
son of Carl Martin Lutze
Sydney Lutze
son of Carl Martin Lutze
Emma Hilda Lutze
1984791905wife of Carl Martin Lutze
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image: 1077
grave: 220529
Donald Edwin Zadow
image number 1077
image: 1078
grave: 220530
William James Joyce
image number 1078
image: 1080
grave: 220531
Desmond Ashley Zadow
image number 1080
image: 1081
grave: 220532
Gwendoline Menerva Dohnt
image number 1081
image: 1082
grave: 220533
Thelma Joan Fullston
image number 1082
image: 1084
grave: 220534
Ross Allan Hart
image number 1084
image: 1086
grave: 220535
Ernest Julius Bormann
image number 1086
image: 1087
grave: 220536
George Steve Stephen
image number 1087
image: 1089
grave: 220537
William Clifford Green
image number 1089
image: 1090
grave: 220538
Frank Wilhelm Brettig
image number 1090
image: 1091
grave: 220539
Carl Martin Lutze
image number 1091
image: 1092
grave: 220540
Minna Augusta Retzki
image number 1092
image: 1093
grave: 220541
Francis Oliver Brown
image number 1093
image: 1094
grave: 220542
Arch Conlon
image number 1094
image: 1095
grave: 220543
Mona Green
image number 1095
image: 1096
grave: 220544
Adeline Susanna Pfeiffer
image number 1096
image: 1097
grave: 220545
John Edgar Boerth
image number 1097
image: 1099
grave: 220546
Claude Hamilton Ralph Black
image number 1099
image: 1100
grave: 220547
G A Paul Mueller
image number 1100
image: 1101
grave: 220548
Eric K Frick
image number 1101
image: 1104
grave: 220549
Cyril Theodore Lutze
image number 1104

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